Shoichi Ida

1941 Holds first private lithograph exhibition.
1964 Forms Democrat Artists Association.
1965 Completes course in western painting at Kyoto City University of Arts.
1968 Receives grand prize at 3rd Mainichi France Scholarship Competition.
1969 Travels around France and other European countries, and the US, holding private exhibitions.
1974 Receives Award of Excellence at Japan Art Festival.
1976 Receives Minister of Education Award at Tokyo International Print Biennale.
1977 Receives Award of Excellence at 1st Modern Print Awards Exhibition.
1981 Receives second prize at 14th Ljubljana International Biennial of Graphic Art.
1983 Publishes collection of his works.
1989 Receives grand prize at 2nd Suntory Museum of Art Awards.
1995 Receives Gen Yamaguchi Grand Prize.
1997 Receives purchase prize at International Print Exhibition at Portland Art Museum, Oregon, US.

Between Air and Water-Vaporization-No.2
Copper-plate print
300 x 316 mm
3 plates 2 colors
80-print limited edition
Natural glaze on Bizen clay
193 x 200 x 225 mm

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